Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Vedic Mathematical Formulae

II. Vedic Mathematical Formulae
What we call VEDIC MATHEMATICS is a mathematical elaboration of 'Sixteen Simple Mathematical formulae from theVedas' as brought out by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji. In the text authored by the Swamiji, nowhere has the list of the Mathematical formulae (Sutras) been given. But the Editor of the text has compiled the list of the formulae from stray references in the text. The list so compiled contains Sixteen Sutras and Thirteen Sub - Sutras as stated hereunder.
In the text, the words Sutra, aphorism, formula are used synonymously. So are also the words Upa-sutra, Sub-sutra, Sub-formula, corollary used.
Now we shall have the literal meaning, contextual meaning, process, different methods of application along with examples for the Sutras. Explanation, methods, further short-cuts, algebraic proof, etc follow. What follows relates to a single formula or a group of formulae related to the methods of Vedic Mathematics.
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